Sunday, June 17, 2012

Can I pray while I smoke?!

You might wonder what this post is going to be about ... It is all about 'communications'. As a Communications Consultant, I'm supposed to be an expert on communications - but we all have our flaws. Here's a story that my manager told me right when I joined the team.

There was a gentleman, who went to a pastor in the church, and said, "Can I smoke while I pray?" The pastor got angry, and retorted, "Of course not!"

Then, another gentleman came in, and went up to the pastor, and said, "Can I pray while I smoke?" The impressed pastor said, "Of course! You can pray whenever you want, whatever you do!"

Moral of the story: Communication is key. You should know how to put across what you're trying to say! An amazing thing I learnt during my first few days in the communications field, and something I will probably need for the rest of life, both personally and professionally. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Think whar you write!!!

I was asked to write an introduction to myself by my manager, which was to be circulated among the team, so that the other people could get to know me better.

Here's what I wrote:

Unfortunately, the word "upstart" I used was used mistakenly, since it meant something totally demeaning .... I had wanted to use "start up" but used the former word without bothering to think too much about it .... And, as expected, it created a furore .... though, I was thankfully kept out of it all by my very nice and caring manager! But, it taught me a lesson nonetheless ... Be careful of what you write!!!!

And, something I read about writing goof-ups within days of the issue, makes me feel that it is indeed important to be sure of what one has written!

Here's the article, that I think will be useful for all and sundry:

15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly